Tiny Treble Makers

Offering Music Together® Classes

Supportive Music Together Classes

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We offer these unique classes for. . .

the child who needs a quieter environment

the child who loves music but needs less stimulation in a group setting

the child who needs some extra support and attention to participate

the child who gets extra mad when things don’t go his way

the child who longs to be included

the family who needs the love and care of others who understand

We offer these classes for YOU. We want you to feel supported and that you belong here. If a regular family class is not for you, try out our supportive Music Together classes. The content is the same, but the method is adapted to the needs of our families and students. We have the flexibility to change the volume, the repetition of songs, the length of time instruments are kept out and other valuable adaptations for children who need them.

All Supportive Music Together classes are taught by professionals who have education and experience with children who have down syndrome, cerebral palsy, multiple diagnosis, Rett Syndrome, those who are on the autism spectrum and many others.

These classes are offered based upon interest. If you would like more information, please contact us directly at valerie@tinytreblemakers.com